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Aligning with Nature

Our bodies have an innate intelligence. If we get hurt, we notice that over a period of time, our body heals itself without any external aid. According to ancient Indian and Chinese traditions, the life force passes through our bodies which is the source of all healing. The therapies we recommend only improve the flow of this energy, to help the body heal itself without poisoning the body with chemicals it does not understand.


The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”.

Disease is a symptom of the entire being. We are more interested in diagnosing the person than the disease. Hence, we set up an investigation to figure out your daily routine and how you have lived your life till now. This gives us a sense of the possible reason(s) of your present condition. Thereafter, we come up with a solution that hopefully addresses the root cause of the condition. The focus is always on removing the obstacles to good health rather than curing the disease which invariably leads one to better health. The plan will be aligning one with nature through multiple therapies if required which will be thrown up by the investigation. The direction is to detoxify the body, give healthy inputs with lifestyle & dietary changes. When the body gets the right environment and time to heal it regenerates newer healthier cells which brings back good health.
Therapies could be one or more of the following: Nature Cure, Life Coaching, Marma Therapy, Mudra Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Emotion Code, Faster EFT, Pranic Healing, Counselling etc.

Image by Scott Webb


We conduct day long workshops for corporates on lifestyle management for improving health and reversing chronic lifestyle diseases.

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