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Varicose veins

A condition of thickened veins or spider veins commonly found in the legs and feet. Could be painful, occurs in people who are standing for long periods and the valve which blocks off the return of blood which is passing from the legs to the top of the body isn't working well, so the blood gets held up and hence the thickening of veins. We help address the root cause of the problem and correspondingly the symptoms.

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Client presented us with:

- Bone growth in heels leading to a very painful condition where she was unable to put her feet on the ground for over 5 years

- Varicose veins

- low on energy

- Digestive disorders

- took medication & supplements for years - Excess weight Healed by

- aligning with nature

2 months later📆

- No Medication / Supplements from day 1

- Walking barefoot normally - Varicose veins healed

- Energy levels up

- Digestive disorders cured

- Weight loss 4.5 kgs

- Overall life has improved

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