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A general condition that keeps your thyroid from making the right amount of hormones. The Thyroid could be over or under-secreting hormones resulting in a lot of the other glands not functioning properly. It may result in hairfall, lethargy, putting on weight or loss of weight etc. and the solutions we offer are quite contrary as in all cases to what is normally offered of eating more, exercising less and doing all this with no medication being consumed.

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Naturally cured Hypothyroidism, over weight, water retention, throat irritation, heel pain

Thirty days later- Stopped Medicines on day one

- Thyroid

- TSH 3.1

- Menstrual Cramps occurred almost unnoticed

- Cough & Chest pain disappeared

- Headaches gone Energy levels up

- Much more calmer & happy

- Constipation cleared up in days

- Lost 6-7 kgs

Using Nature Cure & Counseling 30 days post consult

- Tapered off medicines within the week

- Swelling in the body & knee pain reduced 70%

- Lower back pain reduced

- TSH levels dropped to 5.1 (Thyroid better)

- HbA1c @ 6.0 - BP normal

- Lost 6kgs - Gums normal

- Covid negative

- rest of the family took allopathy, some hospitalized, some with serious side effects of steroids but she healed with no medication in 8 days

Using Nature Cure & Counseling checking after 2 years

- Stopped medicines within a few weeks

- Feeling perfectly fine even after two years

- Had forgotten she ever had a Thyroid issue

- No Medication from day 1

- No adverse reaction like weight gain, lethargy, puffiness on the face despite stopping medication

- LOST 2 kgs

- Eyes strain gone & easily able to read on laptop 30 days later

- Energy levels up

- Lethargy reduced so productivity improved

- Better quality of sleep

- Skin texture & complexion better & patches gone

- LOST 4 kgs

- Stopped Medicines on day one

- No adverse reactions

- Improved Hair growth

- Rashes & Itching gone

- Improved Hearing

- Patches on skin have disappeared

- Overall life has improved immensely & life is beautiful not relying on medications

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