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Skin disorders (Psoriasis, fungal infection)

The body to survive eliminates toxins through the air we breathe in and out, perspiration, urination and pooping. When elimination through one or more system doesn’t work properly, it leads to accumulation of filth in the body. To survive, the body tries to throw it out through other non-regular channels like the skin. This leads to rashes, boils, eczema, psoriasis etc. which are progressive states of the same disease if not treated at the root cause but suppressed by medication resulting in the filth being trapped within the body.

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Client presented us with psoriasis and showed significant improvement in two months

Using Nature Cure, Life Coaching & Mudra therapy, checking after 18 days

- Magically all discolouration cleared

- Skin looks & feels beautiful

- Confidence has returned

- Feeling of shame has gone

Healed by aligning with Nature & Life Coaching_ Two months later

- Stopped Medicines on day one

- Improvement in 3 weeks

- Skin seems to have returned to normal

- Relationships have also returned to normal

- Stopped Medicines on day one

- No adverse reactions

- Improved Hair growth

- Rashes & Itching gone

- Improved Hearing

- Patches on skin have disappeared

- Overall life has improved immensely & life is beautiful not relying on medications

- *No Medication from day 1*

- *No adverse reaction*

- *Breathing well* & *no congestion* in the chest

- Most *foods & other allergies cured*

- Stomach is calmer & settled

- *Skin texture & complexion has become better*

- *Energy levels up*

- Overall life has improved hugely & life is beautiful not relying on medications

Had psoriasis for past 17 years, heavy acidity, lots of digestive issues

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