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Piles arise from swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that can lead to pain and bleeding. Haemorrhoids could be caused by bad lifestyle, diet, straining, pregnancy etc. We help address the root cause of the problem and correspondingly the symptoms.

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Five months later

- Stopped Medicines on day one including statins

- Bleeding stopped on day one itself

- White markings around eyes almost disappeared, meaning cholesterol came back to normal

- Acute Cramps almost disappeared

- Become far more active & energetic

Client presented us with:

- Stage 4 Piles suffering for 11 years

- 2 inch Prolapse painful, bleeding

- Can't go to the toilet anywhere, depressed about situation, spent lakhs, visited over 5 doctors who advised surgery

Healed with Nature Cure 3 weeks later📆

- All symptoms of Piles including Prolapse disappeared

- Didn't know it was so simple to fix and thought had to live with this issue

- Overall life is great

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