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Parkinson's Disease

A progressive and degenerative disorder affecting the nervous system and hence movement, control of the muscles etc. Initial symptoms could be tremors in a hand leading to the inability to speak, walk, sit, stand etc. There are different grades of the condition and based on where the patient is, we figure out how the condition can improve.

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Beginning to heal naturally from Parkinson's in 20 days

- Patient is 78 years & suffering from Parkinson's for 5 years

- Unable to speak. Hands, neck, head shaking

- Needed the support of 2 adults to sit / stand / walk, as lacked strength & balance

Healed by aligning with nature using Nature Cure & Energy Healing

20 days later📆

- Able to sit / stand / walk with the support of a walker

- Shaking has reduced hugely

- Looking much brighter

- Speech was slightly more coherent

- Overall life has improved immensely

You too can heal yourself mentally, physically and emotionally! Upgrade your life today🌈

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