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When we eat food, a large part of it is used in performing body functions like breathing, eliminating, heart beating etc. and some of it is used for the external work that we do, which could be walking, moving etc. When we consume more and are unable to burn the excess calories, it could result in excess fat build-up. This is just one of the reasons at the simplest levels - we are consuming more and burning less. It could also be due to insulin resistance leading to fat build-up. Whatever be the cause, we need to know it is to do with our mental / emotional make-up more than anything else, as we all know what we should / should not eat or drink, but the issue is we are unable to discipline ourselves. Need to fix the mind / heart first before attempting weight loss else you will just get it all back again. It has to be a permanent / sustainable solution.

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Healed by aligning with Nature One year later - Now at 114 kgs - Energy levels are good


Using Nature Cure & Life Coaching in 8 months

- Weight @ 76 kgs loss 14 kgs

- Pain in the body gone

- No sagging in skin or muscle

- Enjoying the food she loved before coupled with healthy food found her balance for a sustainable journey


After Two months:

- Acidity, Diabetes & BP normal

- Standing straight more easily & able to stand & talk for 20 mins

- Stomach gone in

- Sleep immediately for 3-4 hours at a stretch & improved by 80%

- There's life without Crocin's

- Energy levels up by 45%

- LOST 18 kgs in total

- Thoughts become positive

- overall life has improved


Work in progress through Natural Hygiene & Life Coaching in ( 3 months):

- Presently at 116.2 kgs so LOST 17.4 kgs

- Did no exercise in first two months


-*LOST 15-18 kgs* in *3 months*

- *symptoms of blindness and deafness* totally *DISAPPEARED* in *2 months*


Seminar worked as a preventive & naturally had the following effect on Ankit: *Lost 2.5 kgs in a week* *Became calmer* *Reduced acidity & indigestion at night*

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