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Mental Ilness

 Mental well-being is the most important aspect of our health, as it is like the headquarters of the body. It covers emotional, psychological & social well-being. Your mental state thereby affects your behaviour, habits and your state of physical health and happiness.

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Client presented us with:

- SCHIZOPHRENIA a condition associated with delusions, hallucinations, depression, talking to voices in the head, lack of social behaviour (linked with violent/ irrational behaviour)

- First signs showed up in 2016, started anti-psychotic drugs in March 2020 & situation has become worse in the last 2 years

- Taking 7 doses of 3 anti-psychotic drugs daily (Amazeo, Alkepin, Zisper)

- Sleeps 16-18 hours daily

- Energy levels very low

- Hearing voices in the head & talking to them during waking hours

- Psoriasis on hands & legs

Healed by Nature Cure, Energy Healing (Work in progress). Now that we can talk, will start Life coaching too

Two Weeks later📆

- Stopped 3.5 / 7 doses

- Able to have a conversation

Energy levels up 80%

- Sleeps 8-9 hours daily

- Voices in the head reduced by 70%

- Psoriasis has shown signs of improvement as smaller marks have reduced & bigger ones thinning out

Overall life has improved immensely & life is beautiful not relying on medications

(PS: Video has not been shared publicly on request of parents. Video can be made available on personal request.)


Client lived through : - cycles of Abuse, Trauma, Passive aggression

- Handled episodes of Depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts

- Bouts of screaming for upto an hour at times when triggered

- The above endured for 18 years

- Tried Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Regression therapy, clinical Hypnotic therapy besides others

- Energy levels very low

- Thyroiditis

Healed by Nature Cure, Energy Healing & Life Coaching

1.5 months later📆

- Within 2 sessions of coaching / energy healing, felt relieved from chronic headaches, fears, gripping negative thoughts / memories

- All triggers are still there but nothing is triggering her

- Relationships with others too have changed drastically for the better

- Energy levels up

- Happiness levels have changed a lot for the better

Overall life has improved immensely & life is beautiful

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