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Liver Ailments

The liver performs many functions from producing bile to digest fats to acting as a cushion to absorb & dispose of the drugs that we ingest. Diseases range from fatty liver to Hepatitis to cirrhosis and cancer. It is a very vital organ but the only one that can regenerate or grow back. We try to address the root cause so that the issue does not recur.

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- Childhood Asthma for over 2 decades

- Fatty liver

- On BP medication for 11 years when it went to 130/90

Healed by aligning with nature 

- Asthma cured

- Fatty liver cured

- BP non-existent so stopped medicines

- Pain in the legs at night cured

- All symptoms of discomfort gone

- Living medicine free for the last 3 years

- Overall life has improved immensely


After 45 days with Nature cure, Mudra therapy and Life coaching_

- Load on the back (cervical) has *lightened*

- Emotionally lighter as seems anger released

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