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A probable cause is the excess plaque present in the arteries, thereby constricting blood flow and so making the heart work harder to pump blood. You need to ask yourself, is the blood thinner the answer? If yes, it should fix your problem, but why are you taking a higher dosage with time and told you can rarely if at all ever get off this medication once you start. Rather we need to work on removing the plaque naturally and hence don’t need further medication ever. We have seen people drop their medication and not having re-started it in 3.5 years.

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What is BP really? Do we need to take BP medications until our last breath or can we ever be free of them? Understanding the cause will give us the wisdom to choose to be free from this bondage.


Using Nature Cure & Counseling 30 days post consult

- Tapered off medicines within the week

- Swelling in the body & knee pain reduced 70%

- Lower back pain reduced

- TSH levels dropped to 5.1 (Thyroid better) - HbA1c @ 6.0 - BP normal

- Lost 6kgs

- Gums normal

- Covid negative

- rest of the family took allopathy, some hospitalized, some with serious side effects of steroids but she healed with no medication in 8 days


After Two months:

- Acidity, Diabetes & BP normal

- Standing straight more easily & able to stand & talk for 20 mins

- Stomach gone in

- Sleep immediately for 3-4 hours at a stretch & improved by 80%

- There's life without Crocin's

- Energy levels up by 45%

- LOST 18 kgs in total

- Thoughts become positive

- overall life has improved


- Stopped Medicines on day one

- No adverse reactions

- Improved Hair growth

- Rashes & Itching gone

- Improved Hearing

- Patches on skin have disappeared

- Overall life has improved immensely & life is beautiful not relying on medications


Healed by aligning with Nature, Mudra therapy & Marma Chikitsa

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