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Diabetes Type 2

As perceived is not just excess glucose in the bloodstream but a case of Insulin Resistance. Insulin is present, but unable to stick to the receptor nodes in each cell to open it so glucose can enter the cell, but the oft taken route is to increase insulin production which is not required as is already present but unable to work efficiently. What we need to do instead is to remove the fat or toxins blocking the receptor nodes in each cell to enable the insulin to work well. We have seen people drop their medication in a few days in most cases and not having got back to it in the past three years.

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What is Diabetes? Is it reversible and that too naturally? Have we been going about it in a way which may not necessarily not to able to reverse this debilitating disease?



Using Nature Cure & Marma therapy within 30 days

Using Nature Cure & Counseling 30 days post consult

- Tapered off medicines within the week

- Swelling in the body & knee pain reduced 70%

- Lower back pain reduced

- TSH levels dropped to 5.1 (Thyroid better) - HbA1c @ 6.0 - BP normal

- Lost 6kgs

- Gums normal

- Covid negative

- rest of the family took allopathy, some hospitalized, some with serious side effects of steroids but she healed with no medication in 8 days

After Two months:

- Acidity, Diabetes & BP normal

- Standing straight more easily & able to stand & talk for 20 mins

- Stomach gone in

- Sleep immediately for 3-4 hours at a stretch & improved by 80%

- There's life without Crocin's

- Energy levels up by 45%

- LOST 18 kgs in total

- Thoughts become positive

- overall life has improved

Diabetes, Fatty Liver & Obesity. HbA1C @ 11.5. Lost 8 kgs, Liver completely cured & HbA1C @ 9.3 in 3 months. Would have been much lower but still high as was a very stressed month due to lots of layoffs in the company due to Covid losses. Work in progress and diabetes will be normal soon. Stopped all medications on day one of the consult. Behavioural changes also affected positively on handling stressful situations. All this achieved with Natural Hygiene and Life Coaching therapies.

Naturally Cured Diabetes, Low Energy levels, Anxiety, (Arterial blocks & Knees hard to bend -WIP)

Followed only part of the 5 elements (Earth) & in 2 months experienced the following: *Lost 7-8 kgs *HbA1C levels dropped from 6.6 to 6 *Boils on the feet healed much quicker.

Using Nature Cure & Life Coaching in 10 days

- Sugar levels dropped to 170 with medication

- Pain in the legs gone

- Energy levels up 4x

- Stopped all medications on day ten of consult

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