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Crohn's Disease

What we do

Chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract. Possible perforations in the digestive tract leads to an autoimmune condition where it attacks the body's cells.

Although considered generally incurable or irreversible by modern medicine, it is our belief and experience that this is curable by addressing the root cause and aligning the body with nature.

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- Patient is 36 yrs & has Crohn's disease (an autoimmune condition) for the past 10 years

- Diarrhoea 10-15 times daily

- Fistula for 5 years accompanied with pus, blood, pain

- Passing motion at times like someone stabbing in the anus

- Depressed so didn't marry

- Many times didn't wish to live

- Spent 90% of his income on healing

- Taking 16 pills daily

- On steroids for 5 years then Antibiotics to deal with infection side-effects

- His doctor finally recommended Biologicals which are expensive & comes with side effects

Healed by aligning with nature & coaching 45 days later

- Stopped medicines on day one

- Crohn's cured

- Normal motion daily once

- Fistula 80% better

- Confidence in the future

- Overall life has improved immensely

You too can heal yourself mentally, physically and emotionally!

Upgrade your life today!

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