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It is a very contagious virus spread through the air causing loss of taste and smell and affecting the respiratory organs. We have known many people to improve their health conditions and thus their immunity and recover from the condition in a few days without the need for any medications.

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Natural therapies to practice during Covid or as a preventive.



Diseases have several names. Cure is only ONE: Build your health. Cancer or Covid. The answer is the same. Client presented us with Covid-19 symptoms due to exposure to a covid positive patient. Loss of taste, fever, body ache etc. Post treatment, symptoms disappeared in 2 days but returned to normalcy by the 4th day. Saved money, peace of mind and most importantly there will no scars within like in patients returning with various issues like lung and heart or clotting issues. She was treated naturally and hence will carry no side-effects.

Experienced Corona Virus symptoms - Loss of smell, taste, fever, loose motions, cough etc. Was on a specific food plan for another issue and healed naturally with all symptoms disappearing within 3 days, having saved lakhs financially and more importantly having peace of mind.


Client who is a leading scientist in India reached out to us with: - Swelling in the legs - Thyroid issues TSH @7.35 - HbA1c 6.5 pre-diabetic - Pain in the lower back - Pain in the Knees - High BP - Over weight - Bleeding gums - Sleep issues - 10 days post consult declared Covid positive with all symptoms & all family members affected Using Nature Cure & Counseling 30 days post consult📆 - Tapered off medicines within the week - Swelling in the body & knee pain reduced 70% - Lower back pain reduced - TSH levels dropped to 5.1 (Thyroid better) - HbA1c @ 6.0 - BP normal - Lost 6kgs - Gums normal - Covid negative - rest of the family took allopathy, some hospitalized, some with serious side effects of steroids but she healed with no medication in 8 days

Client presented us with:

- Post 1st Vaccination lost all sense of taste except everything tasted bitter suffering for 1.5 years

- Life was terribly depressing

- Visited doctors & tried many things

Healed with Nature Cure 2 days later📆

- All symptoms of bitterness disappeared

- Got all tastes back & enjoying the taste of fruits, icecream, sweets after quite a while!

- Overall life is great

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