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Cardiac ailments

Cardiac ailments can show up in various ways, from the valves not working to blockages in the arteries, to weak heart muscles. We address the root cause so that the issue does not recur, and is permanently erased.

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Sharing some important heart ailments and procedures used when natural options exist which are cheap and long lasting and improve overall health - not just of the heart


What is Cholesterol? Where is it produced? Why is cholesterol considered bad? What is the truth behind the cholesterol myth?



- Patient is 58 years & suffering from Arterial Blockages 

- Discomfort during walking at times 

- Right coronary artery blocked 80-90%

- Left coronary artery 30-40%

- Advised Angioplasty by cardiologist & 2/3 stents

Healed by aligning with nature using Nature cure & Energy Healing

3 Months Later- 

- Right coronary artery 50-60% in 7 weeks

- Left coronary artery 10-20% in 7 weeks 

- Lost 22 kgs 

- Lost 4 inches on the waist 

- All symptoms of discomfort gone

- Looking to more blockages being cleared in the next CT angiography 

- Overall life has improved immensely 

You too can heal yourself mentally, physically and emotionally!

Upgrade your life today

Five months later

- Stopped Medicines on day one including statins

- Bleeding stopped on day one itself

- White markings around eyes almost disappeared, meaning cholesterol came back to normal

- Acute Cramps almost disappeared

- Become far more active & energetic

Using Nature Cure & Life Coaching in 10 days

- Sugar levels dropped to 170 with medication

- Pain in the legs gone

- Energy levels up 4x

- Stopped all medications on day ten of consult

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