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The DNA in the cell mutates due to a toxic environment which leads to uncontrollable multiplication of cells which are otherwise monitored / controlled by a code which lets the cell multiply to a certain number. This uncontrolled multiplication leads to the formation of a tumour. This is the symptom and a biomarker stating we have cancer and most often we never address the cause of cancer but the symptom and hence we see it come back time and again. To improve health, we should increase health and not introduce toxic elements like chemotherapy into the body. We try to address the root cause so that the issue does not recur.

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Despite state of the art development in medical science, Cancer remains one of the most dreaded diseases humanity has ever faced. WHY? What is cancer telling you? Could Cancer be pointing towards deeper issues? Let's find out...




Client presented us with:

- Oral Cancer of the tongue which recurred after 3 years

- Unable to speak as part of the tongue was excised and also had 63 radiotherapies and 7 chemotherapies in 3 yrs

- Underwent 2 surgeries in 3 yrs

- Inside of the neck fully burnt as a result of the therapies

- Had ulcers in the mouth for 15 years

- couldn't concentrate

Healed by aligning with nature using _Nature cure, Life coaching & Energy Healing 6 weeks later📆

- Stopped all medications on day one

- Pet Scan - cancer free

- Speech was more coherent in 4 days

- 25% better in 2 weeks but 100% better now

- Can focus on getting ahead in life

- Overall life has improved immensely

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