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Mucous is the body’s self defence mechanism to trap toxins (internal as well as external) within the body. Asthma happens due to this bad mucous build-up within, and the body tries its best to expel the mucous by exhibiting acute conditions like cough / colds so that it can throw out the mucous. But instead, when we take pills which suppress these conditions we feel relieved immediately not realising we are hardening the mucous over the years by ingesting these pills. Finally they affect the respiratory systems hardening the trachea and or the bronchioles and other parts leading to asthma. Most of the clients drop their medication within days and do not go back to their inhalers.

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- Childhood Asthma for over 2 decades

- Fatty liver

- On BP medication for 11 years when it went to 130/90

Healed by aligning with nature 

- Asthma cured

- Fatty liver cured

- BP non-existent so stopped medicines

- Pain in the legs at night cured

- All symptoms of discomfort gone

- Living medicine free for the last 3 years

- Overall life has improved immensely


- No Medication from day 1*

- No adverse reaction

- Breathing well & no congestion in the chest

- Most foods & other allergies cured

- Stomach is calmer & settled

- Skin texture & complexion has become better

- Energy levels up

- Overall life has improved hugely & life is beautiful not relying on medications


Client aged 10 yrs was using nebulisers from the age of 1.5 yrs for the past 8 years. Using Nature Cure, healed naturally and not used nebuliser since day one of the consult.

18 months post consult, not yet used nebuliser & enjoying football & life in dusty Gurgaon and needless to say stopped all medications from day one.


Client presented us with: - *Severe allergies* & *Asthmatic bouts* for the past *12 years* - resulting in *breakouts, swelling, itching, digestive issues etc* - taking at least *2 nebulisers daily* for the past *4 years* & *steroids* for a *month* in a year for the past many years _Healed by- aligning with Nature, Life Coaching, Craniosacral & Mudra therapy_ *Three Months later*📆 - *No Medication from day 1* - *No adverse reaction* - *Breathing well* & *no congestion* in the chest - Most *foods & other allergies cured* - Stomach is calmer & settled - *Skin texture & complexion has become better* - *Energy levels up* - Overall life has improved hugely & life is beautiful not relying on medications _You too can heal yourself mentally, physically and emotionally!_

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