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Many a time as we age, the acid levels in our stomach reduces and we need more acid in the stomach to digest proteins and absorb minerals like Calcium, else it starts building up in soft tissues resulting in arthritis. We try to address the root cause so that the issue does not recur.

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Healed by Natural Hygiene & Marma Therapy in ( 2 months)


Using Nature Cure & Life Coaching, became almost pain free within 21 days

-*Pain free* in *30 days* though some niggling stiffness, sometimes in the morning persists - *Acid reflux cured* in 21 days

- *Lower back pain cured*

- Side effects: weight loss, lighter, higher energy

- *Stopped all medications* on day one of consult

- Will monitor to see condition has completely reversed


Anjali was suffering for 6+ yrs, was difficult to move & joints were extremely painful. There were lumps in a few places and fingers were getting distorted. She is planning to join dance classes 30 days after our consult.

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