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Our Vision is to make each individual who comes to us
more and more Inner Dependant

What is Inner Dependence?

Being in tune with yourself not needing any external help. We experience ill health not just due to wrong lifestyle habits but also due to negative thought patterns that dictate our actions from the subconscious level. We attempt To make oneself the source of strength be it at the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual level. Only when we are free at all levels, can one really be free.

How do we do this?

  • Physical level: At physical level by aligning our beings with Nature. Bringing in lifestyle changes by looking at your daily habits and eating patterns to shift the energy of your physical being.

  • Mental level: Changing the energy of your being with life coaching by shifting your belief patterns.

  • Emotional level: Our body experiences energy blockages due to various traumas that one experiences in life which leads to physical and mental ailments. Connecting with the subconscious mind to release these trapped emotions brings mind and body back at ease.

  • Spiritual level: Through life coaching, identifying those activities that will create a positive energy within while also creating self-worth by contributing to society in whichever way one can. So, instead of looking outwards for happiness, you become the source of happiness not just for yourself but even for others around.

Image by John Fowler

We are a young company that started in August 2017. After learning about natural living and physical ailments around us we realised how much suffering was there in the world and how far the world had moved away from nature. We realised that by simply aligning with it, diseases could simply melt away.


Millions of species live on Earth naturally and we are the only ones who violate the golden rule of living by the five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Ether). We pay the price accordingly by living longer but much unhealthier lives. We knew that we needed to shed light on this grey area.


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